First class instructor

Apr 1, 2018 | Testimonials

First class instructor… I asked a few businesses for an experience in a canoe and Willie came across the most genuine and helpful. We had limited ability but Willies simple instruction made things very easy. Our equipment was first class and I felt comfortable in the canoe with the wetsuit and other things. We had a perfect day condition wise so we were lucky on that front. We headed up to Eileen Donan Castle a perfect setting. The tide was getting low so the current wasn’t a difficult obstacle. We (3 of us) encountered some eddies, wake surge from a fishing vessel and then came in on an incoming tide. We saw some Porpoise, seals and Heron which was awesome Willie spotted these before us so he is on the ball 😉 I cannot highly recommend him enough a great bloke very friendly and a joy to be with felt safe all the time. Best wishes!


Brian Hurst, 2018

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